About Us


At Our Core


We believe the relationship we share with our canine family is  built one step at a time. Achieving an enduring, life-long relationship with your dog(s)  involves positive training, interaction and help you have a happy, healthy companion. At All Pawsitive  LLC  we offer products designed to enhance that relationship by giving you  access to custom and quality supplies for the well being and comfort of  your canine family.   
Located in central Wisconsin we are pet lovers that recognize our pets are truly family.
We aren't guessing. All of our products have been tried and tested personally!   



I  spend a lot of time with my dogs and I had often found myself looking for the  perfect collar, the best tug, the cute crate pads, etc.....Much of  what I found was just not "exactly it", so I started making things for my  own dogs. It was important that they were durable, as much as they were cute  and fun.   
Our collars stand out in the crowd, giving your companion the attention advantage. Our tugs are A LOT of fun, designed with the dog in mind! Our crate pads are easily washable, and sewn or tied so the inside does not all end up in one corner after several washings.  
Here's where we go one step further - we want you to get exactly the  item you want! We do not charge anymore for custom items than standard  items!


All in All


We LOVE dogs and are happy to Offer some of the tried and true, as well as our hand made items!  If you are lucky enough to have a great dog sharing your life, enjoy  shopping and let them know how much your love them.

Suggestions and feedback are always welcome!  
Enjoy  your visit to our site, but most of all, enjoy every minute you are  given to build that special relationship with your pet. We gladly accept custom  orders with no hidden fees. Simply email  order@allpawsitive.com and we will be happy to work with you!